Balsamiq Mockups and Salesforce

Usually it is so easy to work on the Salesforce platform that I just jump right in and start coding or adding page layouts. Sometimes, if I don’t have a clear idea of what I need to do, a mockup can help. I recently found Balsamiq, and it is a fantastic tool for quickly creating … Continue reading

Debugging Workflow Rules

Sometimes you create an awesome workflow rule and you just can’t figure out why it isn’t firing. Did you know you can use debug logs to check values and see if your workflow rule is firing? Here are the steps: 1. Open Developer Console: Click on Your Name->Developer Console 2. Make sure the Logs tab … Continue reading

Finding Code Coverage in Spring ’13

With the arrival of Spring ’13, you may have noticed that finding code coverage is a little more challenging. Before Spring ’13, I would just open up my class which contained my tests, click the Run Test and then look at the code coverage results on the resulting page. That has changed in Spring ’13 … Continue reading

Mixing Workflow Rules and Triggers

I like to use the declarative side of Salesforce as often as possible, but sometimes I run into limitations with workflow rules and I end up turning to code. One thing I can’t do in workflow rules is create new records. Let’s say I have a requirement that says when certain scenarios are met I … Continue reading

Shared Tasks and API Versions

I was recently testing a SOQL query for tasks and depending on the tool I used, I got different results. This seemed really odd until I realized it had to do with API versions. According to the documentation, “Query(), delete(), and update() aren’t allowed with tasks related to more than one contact in API versions … Continue reading

Mass Editing Profiles in List Views

Here’s an oldie, but goodie tip I picked up a while back. It came in use today, and I thought I’d share it. We had a new custom object deployed to production and needed to give permissions to Create, Edit, Update and Delete records. This wasn’t done when the custom object was deployed, so I … Continue reading

Debugging with JSON.serializePretty

Here’s a quick tip that I thought I’d share. Today I was trying to troubleshoot a trigger and needed to know what the Trigger.newMap and Trigger.oldMap looked like. Rather than put a lot of System.Debug messages for each field I was interested in, I put in a single debug statement to show me the entire … Continue reading

Deleting Any Object You Don’t Own

Each new Salesforce release has me revisiting previous solutions and looking at how they can be improved. One little tidbit that was provided in Winter ’13 is a way to get the SObject type from the Id. In the past, you’d have to do quite a bit of code to determine the type of SObject … Continue reading