My Next Adventure

I’m taking a break from my regular technical topics to share a bit of philosophy. I recently gave my notice at my current job and will be starting a new job at the end of May as a Business Analyst at Zions Bancorporation. I’m really excited about this opportunity because it will give me the chance to focus on two things I love: solving business problems and implementing those problems in Salesforce. It is also going to give me the experience of working at a really large company.

I’ve worked at Petzl for 12.5 years (10 more years than I thought I would when I started). Although it is an amazing place to work, I felt that I had hit the ceiling with my professional growth there. I’ve always sought out challenges and have never been pleased with the status quo. In addition to my job description duties, I felt a commitment to try and make Petzl a better place to work: I organized blood drives, planned camping and climbing trips, and advocated for employee friendly policies. I could have just come in, done my job and gone home. But I feel that since we spend so many of our waking hours at work, we should really enjoy working there.

Another thing I’ve always believed is that work should be challenging and fulfilling. Here’s an excerpt from the email I sent to my coworkers:

There are all sorts of things each of you can do to grow professionally and build your career.  Don’t get too comfortable with your daily tasks. Never pass up anything interesting to you because it is different or unknown. Seek out those new challenges and let your manager know what floats your boat. You might be surprised what you can do. I want to thank Petzl for the opportunity they have given me to grow and develop as an IT professional. I’m excited to step out of my comfort zone and jump into this new adventure.

I’m looking forward to sharing the new things I learn in the coming months. Stay tuned!


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