Mass Editing Profiles in List Views

Here’s an oldie, but goodie tip I picked up a while back. It came in use today, and I thought I’d share it. We had a new custom object deployed to production and needed to give permissions to Create, Edit, Update and Delete records. This wasn’t done when the custom object was deployed, so I needed to assign these permissions profile by profile. Using the edit in list view functionality built into Salesforce, I was able to update all my profiles in one fell swoop.

1. Create a list view showing the permissions you want to change:

Creating a custom list view

2. Select the profiles you want to make the changes to:

Select Multiple Profiles

3. Double click on the field you want to change and select what you want the new value to be as well as which records to apply the change to:

Mass Edit Permissions

And there you have it! I could have also created a permission set with the additional permissions, but in this case I felt it was better to be at the profile level.


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