Debugging Workflow Rules

Sometimes you create an awesome workflow rule and you just can’t figure out why it isn’t firing. Did you know you can use debug logs to check values and see if your workflow rule is firing? Here are the steps:

1. Open Developer Console: Click on Your Name->Developer Console
2. Make sure the Logs tab is selected.
3. Perfom the record save that you think should trigger the workflow.
4. Look in the Developer Console and you should see some logs. Depending on how you edited the record, it may show up in the log differently. You probably just want the last log. It will probably looks like one of the ones with an arrow:



5. Double click on the log file. It will open in a panel below called Execution Log.
6. Follow the steps in the screen shot. In my example, I’m looking for a workflow rule called “Hot Rating”2013-02-13_2210

7. You’ll end up with something like this (you may need to scroll down a little):



Happy Debugging!


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