Balsamiq Mockups and Salesforce

Usually it is so easy to work on the Salesforce platform that I just jump right in and start coding or adding page layouts. Sometimes, if I don’t have a clear idea of what I need to do, a mockup can help. I recently found Balsamiq, and it is a fantastic tool for quickly creating wireframes. One thing I found myself doing was repetitively putting together the same components over and over again. I figured there must be a better way and found out about Balsamiq symbols. With symbols, I could create reusable components that can be quickly added to my mockup.

I tweeted to find out if anybody else had done something similar and got an overwhelming response that no, but people would love it. I ended up sharing my symbols on GitHub so others could benefit and contribute. Hopefully they will help you too!

Here’s what you’ll see in Balsamiq after adding the symbols to your project assets:

Balsamiq Project Assets

And here’s what they look like when added to a mockup:

Balsamiq Symbols


What would you like to see added to this project?


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