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Balsamiq Mockups and Salesforce

Usually it is so easy to work on the Salesforce platform that I just jump right in and start coding or adding page layouts. Sometimes, if I don’t have a clear idea of what I need to do, a mockup can help. I recently found Balsamiq, and it is a fantastic tool for quickly creating … Continue reading

Mass Editing Profiles in List Views

Here’s an oldie, but goodie tip I picked up a while back. It came in use today, and I thought I’d share it. We had a new custom object deployed to production and needed to give permissions to Create, Edit, Update and Delete records. This wasn’t done when the custom object was deployed, so I … Continue reading

Debugging with JSON.serializePretty

Here’s a quick tip that I thought I’d share. Today I was trying to troubleshoot a trigger and needed to know what the Trigger.newMap and Trigger.oldMap looked like. Rather than put a lot of System.Debug messages for each field I was interested in, I put in a single debug statement to show me the entire … Continue reading

A Poor Man’s Product Configurator

I was recently contacted by one of my blog readers to help him with a project. It sounded like an interesting challenge, so I agreed to help him with a little guidance and also post an overview of what we did so others could learn as well. The business problem: let’s say your company makes … Continue reading

Apex and Object References

I learned something today that I’m not sure how I made it this far without knowing. It was confusing the heck out of me, so I thought I’d share. When you assign one object to another through the use of the “=” operator, it doesn’t actually make a copy of the object. Instead, it makes … Continue reading

Salesforce Dashboard Filters in Action

A few releases ago, Salesforce introduced Dashboard Filters. This allowed users to use one dashboard and dynamically change it using a drop down filter. This is an awesome feature because it means you need to maintain less reports and dashboards to deliver desired functionality. I hadn’t moved my reports over to this functionality yet, but … Continue reading

Basic JavaScript Debugging with Firebug

A lot of my posts have been JavaScript heavy and I get a lot of questions from readers trying to adapt the code. The most frequent problems are with errors in the JavaScript syntax. Unlike Apex and Visualforce markup, you can save pages with embedded JavaScript with syntax errors and have no save errors. It … Continue reading